Driving somewhere?

Hey there darling!

Are you driving somewhere? I think you are and if you’re not, hop on. I will take you halfway there.

What drives you? That is today’s topic. What makes you want to go out and work hard on your dreams?

Have you stopped recently to think about it? Come on, answer it yourself. What makes you do what you do? How are you working on getting your dreams?

Yes, as we drive down the never-ending road of life, beach on the left, mountain on the right, I wanted to ask you these questions more than talk to you. I think you needed this quick reminder on what drives you, not where life takes you. I want to know what is in that brain of yours and most of all, heart.


What is it that you really want more than anything? That thought that you think about everyday?

Exactly, that is what we are here for. Take a deep breath, talk to me. Write it down and let it flow. Take your time and as soon as you are done, smile. You got a goal, you got something in your life that makes it worthwhile. Now, that drive that you have within you, we got to take it to the top! 

You see, in this new age that we are living in, anything is possible. From self-employed billionaires to cashiers whose hobbies are kayaking or creating art. My point is that you got the right to be happy, you got the power to go after your dreams. Most of all, you got the drive. Just look at what you thought before, look at what you wrote.

Now, surround yourself with this drive every day. Post notes, post reminders, tell your friends, let the world know your sparkle.

That is all for now, thanks for hopping in with me. Just looking out for you kid.

Spread the love, 

The Always Believer

PS: Are you driving somewhere now?


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