No Limits

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Hope you are kicked off the day in a great mood! Let’s make it better, here I am presenting to you Alex Small. He is an extraordinary writer that has captured the eyes and hearts of many already. Not only has he won the Glipho Blogger Award, first one of the year, he has also been busy typing away novels of his own. Known more for his poems recently, I post up an article that speaks about taking the leap and being brave. I am a true follower of his work and I recommend you to read him soon!

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Hi, I’m Alex, and I’m a recent English with Creative Writing degree graduate and would be romantic novelist. My blog is an eclectic eye into my world. But be warned I have been described as honorary New York wise ass. Please contact by email, for any inquires. Thank you.


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The Always Believer


No Limits

Last night we had our belated Christmas dinner for the indoor climbing centre.
One wonderful aspect of this is that it provides a rare opportunity for all the staff to meet and share stories.

A fellow instructor recalled some parents asking them not to encourage their kids too much.

OK, shall we think about this for a moment?

The parents had two children that they had paid to do an activity, not a large amount but still a reasonable amount with a trained instructor in a highly specialised, safe environment. Yet they asked the instructor not to encourage them?

When we instruct, we try to get everyone to push their own personal boundaries, this may for example be getting an experienced climber to go for a harder route, or with a complete novice to just climb a few feet and to abseil safely.

As someone who is scared of heights I fully understand the importance of not comparing myself against others, but only to myself and to push that little further beyond my own comfort zone.

All the instructors show sensitivity towards the individual and their own personal limits and encourage everyone to push that little bit further beyond them.

So when a parent asks the instructor not to encourage their children what is this saying?

That a little effort is OK? That second best is acceptable? That staying in the comfort zone is better than finding out what you can really do?

As someone who has spent their lifetime always pushing, trying to do things that scare me, it horrifies me that a parent would ask an instructor not to encourage their children to reach beyond their own personal limits.

I would like to point out that this is purely my opinion.

The Naked Writer 6/01/2014


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