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Let’s talk about jobs this Saturday! Yes, I know it is the weekend and all, nonetheless, I want to bring you this great post from Teddy where he talks about how the grass is always greener on the other side and then lastly stating that everything has its good and its bad.

He is a great one to have a chat with and apart from writing, he also does photography and more. 🙂

As for you! I leave this post under Tips and Opinion Space, tell me about your point of view on dream jobs or anything that you please. 🙂

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A job, is a job, is a job.

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you could do what you enjoy most for a living?
But of course you have.  We all have.

Some of us are even lucky enough to be ‘living the dream’, but is it all that it is cut out to be?

To cut a long story short – No.

Top 5 Dream Jobs?

1. Singer or Actor/Actress
2. Sportsman/Sportswoman
3. Travel Writer/Journalist/Novelist/Blogger
4. Events Co-ordinator/Project Manager
5. Photographer/Artist/Designer


For the top 5% in any profession, life should be, and usually is, good.  You’re at the top of your game, you are recognised by your peers, you’re on a handsome salary, and you got some sort of influence over what work you do.

For the rest, you’ll have to take the rough with the smooth.

Let’s start with No. 5, since I’m lucky enough to finally be doing my dream job (Fashion Photographer), but as everyone in my Industry knows, it ain’t as glamorous as everyone thinks.

The Photographer is the first on location (having previously spent ages looking for the venue) to set up lights and other equipment, and to ensure everything goes to plan.
In short, he/she is the project manager, and if things go wrong, he’s usually the one held accountable.

What does that mean exactly? Well, let’s put it this way…

The photographer can be blamed if the models don’t turn up on time, if the make-up artist/hair stylist is incompetent, if it is too windy, if it is too cold, if it is too hot, if the clothes are not cool enough, if the background music is too cheesy, if the lunch is not up to scratch, if the day drags on a little longer than expected, if the sky suddenly turns grey, if it rains, and finally if the pictures don’t make them look absolutely gorgeous, because it’s your fault that the models stayed up all night partying, drank too much and got dehydrated and now have massive eye bags and spots everywhere.

For Artists and Designers, you’d think life’d be pretty cool to be drawing all day, but when you’ve got to churn out stuff you’re not necessary happy with, and didn’t necessarily want to do in the first place, life can begin to be drag.

Imagine this…you’ve been asked to work on a new campaign for Coca-Cola, and you’re excited and put in a lot of hard work, only to be told that you’re not quite hitting the mark.  So, you go off and rework some of your ideas, and again, you get knocked back, knocked back, knocked back…until you lose the will to live.  The result is something you are ashamed to put your name to, as it’s been so sliced and diced beyond all recognisability.

Similarly as an Artist, you may have to compromise your principles a little or a lot, in order to make a living, and that may eventually leave you a little disenchanted and a little jaded.

Now, let’s go back to the beginning:

1. Singer or Actor/Actress.
Unless you’ve been frozen in time, you’ll be more than familiar with programmes like X-Factor and America’s Got Talent, so you’ll know that for every act that is signed, there are thousands of disappointed souls, many of which are amazingly talented, but will never get a chance to shine due to the sheer volumes of people who want to be a star.

For the few people that reach the top, or become a ‘working’ singer or a ‘working’ actor, whilst there will undoubtedly be days, nights, weeks, months you’ll rejoice at being able to do what you love for a living, there will be an equal, if not more number of days, nights, weeks, months and yes, even years, where you will lament about your fading stardom, complain about your lack of privacy, the wretched paparazzi, wallow in self-doubt. worry about aging and your ‘shelf-life’, worry about what people ‘really’ think about you, and so on and so forth…

2. Sportsman/Sportswoman.
Again, unless you’re not a resident of this planet, it’d be pretty difficult for you not to have heard of the sporting hero and girlfriend murderer, Oscar Pistorius.
Having overcome great adversity to become the ‘fastest man on no legs’, the pressure of world fame and adulation perhaps became too much for him, and has resulted in a tragic ending of a promising career but more importantly, the death of a lovely young woman (Reeva Steenkamp).

It makes you think that it’s one thing playing Sport for a living, but it’s another having to deal with all the baggage that comes with being good at what you do.  Any job that puts you in the public eye isn’t ideal, as you can be today’s darling, but if you put a foot wrong, you can be torn to shreds the very next day by the same people that profess their undying love today.

Oh, and just a thought…how about having to worry about having bodyguards, P.R. people, Agents etc. buzzing around you constantly, and having to consult someone before you do anything?  It’d be enough to drive me insane…

Imagine you’re a famous Sports Star and you say:

“Hey, I’m just going for a jog with the dog…I’ll be back in an hour or so.”

Your publicist puts up his hand:

“Hold on.  You have a contract with Armani and Bulgari and Apple, so please make sure you wear this, this and this.  Oh, you have a commercial to shoot at 1pm, so you’ve got 25 mins.
After that you have an interview with The Sunday Times, followed by a Meeting with Kellogg’s and then dinner and drinks at Vitabiotics…”

I’m lucky enough to count two celebrities amongst my friends, and I tell you this much, their lives are definitely not their own.  They are virtually booked from dawn till dusk to meet people they don’t want to see, day after day after day.

It’s fun for about a month or so, but any celebrity will tell you that it ain’t all fun and games!

3. Travel Writer/Journalist/Novelist/Blogger
You may love writing, but when you have to do it for a living, it immediately becomes a chore.

Like anything I guess.  You’re under extreme scrutiny, and ‘Everyone’s a critic!’.

Contrary to popular belief, being a Travel Writer is not as lucrative as you think.  With so many writers out there, magazines and newspapers can take their pick of the best content out there, just as they can with the plethora of photographs available to them.

You don’t need a qualification to call yourself a writer these days, and anyone who can write, does.  Anyone who wants to publish a book, can. So – Competition is rife.  You’re a good writer, but there are thousands of good writers.

Like most of the dream jobs I mentioned already, you may be flavour of the month right now, but things can so quickly change and you can find yourself out in the cold so very quickly.
Still…if you’re not worried about earning too much, it’s so much better to be doing a job that you enjoy.


4. Events Co-ordinator/Project Manager
Organising an event, party, wedding, function or project managing something from start to finish can be immensely rewarding, but almost always, stressful.

You may be rewarded with free tickets to the final show, be commended publicly on stage for your efforts, or be given a huge sum of money, but believe – you will be expected to give your pound of flesh and then some.

You will probably be on call 24/7, and be popping caffeine pills washed down with gallons of energy drinks to allow yourself to keep your eye on the ball.

You will have lists for everything, and everyone under the sun will be looking to you for the answers, and you’ll be expected to make split-second decisions and make things happen.
The buck stops with you.  You are responsible for anything and everything.

I’m aware that I’ve probably painted a grey film over all the ‘cool jobs’ and for the majority of the time, these ‘dream’ jobs are, in fact, pretty cool, but the old saying ‘the grass isn’t always greener on the other side’ does hold more than a little truth here.

Sure, being an International Rock star beats the hell out of being a retail assistant at The Gap, but when the press publish a ‘not-so’ great’ picture of you with a caption saying ‘ who ate all the pies?’, anonymity and a regular 9-5 job can have its advantages.



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