Warning Label

Hello World Creators,

Here I am, once again, with today’s topic!

As we all come to know by now, there are warning labels for everything. There are even some absurd ones, so we think, that the only reason they exist is because someone has done that absurdity before. In other words, many strange and random things can happen in this world. It is always good to have warning labels, they teach us to be more careful and to know the danger of certain objects.

Now, transferring this thought to humans rather than objects, we are all like a box of surprises. It is that simple train of thought towards humans that makes us fascinating. That knowledge of the fact that we can surprise people anytime and anyplace, we still encourage conversations with strangers, we still give friends and new people a chance. Why? Because we are brave enough to have new and more relantionships in our life, quicker than we thought. I think that is a good idea, therefore, I network, socialize, expand my friendships to an ever greater length.

We all really pick ourselves up as we go along as we pick up new friends along the way. We all get bold, get sociable, get happy when someone new or old comes into our life to have a talk. That is a wonderful feeling, after all!

Now, what is it in us that makes us want to open these boxes full of surprises? These doors that once you open them, you have no idea what you can find. I, for one, can say that is Love. Not only talking about love between a couple, just Love in general. It being the drive that makes you want to know more about the other person, in any way or form. It comes for all sorts of reasons, either love for what you do, as in job relationship, love for wanting to be there for the other person, as in when a friend comes to you in time of need, etc.

Back to the main idea in mind.

If you were to have a warning label,what would it be?

As soon as we open that surprise package, we open all sorts of feelings, thoughts and actions that person has. They have baggage and so do we. They have their own thoughts and opinions and so do we.

If we were to have warning labels, would we open up to people as much? Would we be as selective sometimes as we are with the clothes they wear, the car they drive, the life they lead?

After all, aren’t warning labels supposed to warn us about something bad? 

Now, I can’t ask this question without asking myself first. My warning labels would be: talks randomly since she has a million ideas in her mind, hard to keep up at times since she talks too fast, naive at times, avid helper of the community. You see, I am not too sure what to put on this right about now. Due to the fact that these topics that I mentioned on my warning level are my own opinion. Not only should I ask this question to my closest friends, moreover, it is all relative.

That is exactly my point. 

I think it is a good idea for warning labels to exist in the objects, protecting us from harm and other stupidities people have done in the past. As far as labeling humans, it is all relative. It is all a matter of perspective. It is all how you look at yourself and how the other person looks at you. It is a two-way street on that one, because what you like about me, the person next door doesn’t. So on and so forth.

All in all, my idea to this is a deeper thought how we label people just because. How with a simple idea that we pre programmed in our head makes us think one way or the other automatically. After all, aren’t we still the brave ones who keep giving friends another try? Who make small talk online? Who engage in other people’s blogs and life’s at the local supermarket?

We are. And that is what makes us, us. The fact that we open these surprise packages every chance we get, whether we realize it or not, whether we have been hurt or not. No warning label included,no directions there, just simply adventure of getting to know each other.

What is your take on this? Would you want to have a warning label? What would it say? Do you realize how many times you talk to people?

Thanks for the read, spread the word.

And most importantly, Spread the Love. 

The Always Believer

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