How Much?

Hola amores! Hello loves!

How are you doing? Today’s topic is an interesting one, in my point of view. I wanted to share with you this question:

How much are you willing to sacrifice for your goals?

What I am talking about is how much are you willing to give to get to where you want, not only money wise but time and effort. You see, we all want things in life. It is in our nature to always want something more or know that there is something better waiting for us out there. Since I know that all of you know that it takes hard work to get to where you want to be, you must also that you must be willing to spend working for it.

For example, instead of spending a Saturday afternoon shopping, you can stay home and research how to make your dreams come true. Instead of going out, save up some cash and buy those plane tickets to where you want to go. Instead of spending Sunday watching TV all day, search for that job you have been aiming for or even a new hobby you have had your eye on for a great bit.

All these things seems like such a small step and it might not lead you anywhere, you might think. That is where you are wrong. You, honey, need to know that all those steps will lead into something greater.

Are you willing to sacrifice a Sunday off? Even though you have been working hard the rest of the week, isn’t it better to work towards something that makes you happy rather than going to a dead-end job. In the world that we live in, there are already so many ideas and solutions. Every day there is one more, there are popping up everywhere. This leads us to actually believing even more that our dreams do come true and they are right there on our fingertips.

Not stating that we are wizards, although that would be extremely cool! I am stating that we have the power to do what we want with our time. Once again, as long as we want things, as long as we are complaining about certain things are, if we are not going to do anything about it, what is the point? Don’t get me wrong, you are perfectly able to be exactly who you want.

In my point of view, as a I am doing my own start up business. I am putting in my extra effort each step of the way. These words I write, the people I contact, the love I spread, the designs I create. All those things are my free time. Not getting paid for now. I am giving up going out and sleeping in.

Why? Because I am putting my heart into this. I want my long life dream to come true and I know by putting my extra time and effort on my business as I still have a day job will all be worth it. I am learning each step of the way, I am giving up things to have a better future. All this said and done, balance is key. I still have a social life. (enter smiley face)

Overall, the main question still stands.

What are you willing to do to get to your dreams? 

That desire to get fit, get up from the sofa each Sunday and work for it.

That desire to open up a shop, get up and start researching instead of wishing.

That desire to find out what you are good at, get up and look around. Try as many things as possible. There is something out there. And you can always create it.

That desire to spend more time with your loved ones. Get offline then, leave work at work and go see them.

Everything in life has a balance. You need to work hard at what you want to achieve and know that you are moving your life to the right direction. That, right there, my dear friend, is how life works.

What are you going to do with your day? 

What are you going to do to make your dreams come true?

Thanks for the read! Feel free to drop comments my way, feel free to start living life your way and to those who are already doing it, my hats off to you! Thanks for keeping me motivated.

Spread the love,

The Always Believer

PS: Work hard, play harder


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2 responses to “How Much?

  1. Okay girl you got us motivated!!! Procrastination is a big problem with writers we’ve noticed & just so happens to be an Achilles’ Heel for us as well! Great points & perfect strategy you’ve given us something to think about my dear & perhaps….DO!! Passing this post along in hopes of inspiring more. Great job!!

    • This makes me beyond happy to read. To know that I cheer you gilrs on! It is a big problem as we get easily distracted. I am happy to help in any way possible. It is my deepest goal to spread the love and help people achieve their goals! Thanks for the love! 🙂 Keep rocking!

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