How To Find Time To Blog [and do other things too]


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I present to you Belen from The Glipho Team. Not only she is nice, pretty and living out her dream, she is helpful too! I love reading her every step of the way and learning from great tips like these!

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How To Find Time To Blog [and do other things too]


Many bloggers lately have been telling me they can’t find the time to blog, or that the hardest thing about blogging is finding the time to write.

With valid reason, finding time can be quite hard these days.

Between full-time jobs, families, friends and our social lives, seeing through the cracks to the slivers of time that could be available to us for blogging or other creative endeavors isn’t always easy. (But then again, what worthy endeavor is?)

Thus, the elusiveness of this Time creature pops up over and over again. He escapes our grasp, running away from us and leaving us with only our excuses to deal with (often sometimes very rational ones).

However, I dream of a world where people from all over are not only not victims to their own time, but champions of their schedules.

In reality—let’s face it— that will never happen.

Not because can’t improve our time management, but because Life is unpredictable.

So, being the ever-curious person that I am, as well as the prototype of the human specimen who wants anything she can’t have, I embarked on a mission to find Time. Really!

I looked everywhere. In my apartment, under my rug, in the washer, checked all my pockets, maybe under the bed? (no), in the fridge…still nothing.

I took my search outside. I wandered helplessly around the neighborhood calling for “Time!’, “Time!”…”TIME!!!!!!”. Nope.

A bit dejected, I returned to my apartment and sat a while, staring out the window, wondering where it could all have possibly gone to.

Why did it have to go away? Why did it have to move so fast? WHERE DID IT GO? Was I not good enough? Not pretty enough? Not SMART enough?! *sigh*

That night I was so out of spirits that I went to bed early, left my blinds open in case poor Time wanted to sneak back in during the night (knowing I would forgive him, of course), and finally fell asleep listening to Bridget Jones’ Diary.
                                                                                *             *            *      

Time is created, not found.

People make time in their lives for the things that really matter.

So take a moment to think about where your time is currently going…

Chances are, there are a few things in the mix that aren’t necessarily important toachieving your dreams,

and chances are there are a few things not in the mix that are.

The best place to “find” time to fit in these activities is in the morning, before the demands of other people begin encroaching on your space.

But you shouldn’t feel like you need to “fit in” the activities that deserve your priority.


Do you have your priorities straight?

Are your dreams YOURS, or those of other people?

Once you decide what YOU want to prioritize in your life:

Create the time to do those things in the morning,

Create a space for your productivity that no one else can touch,

Start your work day knowing you’ve already accomplished something that is abuilding block to your dream life.

And leave all the demands and expectations of others for the work day,

to be “fit in”.

Let those things run the chance of being left undone

not your important personal projects.

TThe enigma of Time is charming, alluring, and a great excuse for not living up to our full potential.

I’m guilty of it—we all are.

By realizing that we control our time—and not the other way around—we can take control of our schedules and prioritize our blogging and other artistic endeavors.

Prioritize the things that mean the most to us

That fulfill us.

That drive us.

                                                                              *          *          *

When do you find is the best time for working on your blog and other important personal projects? [this includes activities like exercising, reading, writing, cooking breakfast, etc.]

-Belén, Glipho Team


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