When did that happen?

Hello lovely world creators,

Let´s talk facts.

People age. People have birthdays each day making them a year older. People are handled activities and responsibilities from a young age and all depending on how old they are. In other words, the older you are, the more you get.

Here I am, 2o something year old, getting life opportunity after another one. Now, since my first 18 something years of life were based on moving every X amount of months, street skills and getting things on my own, my life has not been a typical one. This leads to the fact that I have had already responsibilities beyond my age since forever.

And then it struck me, I am an adult! Why now? Why this moment? I mean it has probably come by my train of thoughts before. I just think that I have been doing adult things for such a long time that there was no reason why to actually stop and think about it. I just think age is a number, maturity comes when it comes.

When I was 10 years old, after hearing parents fight more than words, we changed countries and that leaded to about five years on the road. Within those, I had witness adult life at its finest, all night parties and pushing off jerks. At fifteen, I had to take care of my mother who was truly sick at that time. We stuck by together. At 17 I moved out, living my own dreams, traveling around Europe, working all at the same time. By 19, I had moved into my third or fourth own apartment. By 21, I was in charge of children as a school teacher and counselor, being the youngest of the staff and to ever do so. So on and so forth.

Here I am, sitting in front of you, having adult conversations, realizing that I have already turned the page years ago. A fellow fan and friend recently reminded me that I don´t give myself enough credit. Maybe that´s it. It just that I would rather be humble and live life it was no big deal.

Sure, I had my ups and downs but everyone has. What makes me so special? I have overcome all that and yes I am positive. That is what I want to spread, positive outlook on life and love. Past bad experiences does help and make it seem more believable. But at the end of the day, it doesn´t have to be the final point, all that has to matter that you want to spread the positive word across the world. Even if it is your own world. It is a great place to spread the love.

Back to the main point, age happens. I am an adult, I have had true responsibility in my hands. Heck, I still do. As I still teach and counsel children and adults. I have now a great goal in mind since I can reach farther and wider than before. I think it is wonderful!

There will probably be more posts and life thoughts on age. For now, as the responsable one that I have always been, duty calls and back to work I go.

Lastly, we have those on the other hand  that are my age and have had little responsibility so when something big happens, that´s when they find out. In other words, they find out with a big splash. Either a new job, a firstborn, a big move or even how to handle a loss of a loved one.

Whatever it is, may you take life as it comes, may you have the maturity to handle things with care and know that you are responsable for your life.

Thanks for hearing me out,thanks for stepping into my world,

The Always Believer

PS: Thanks for standing by me through my random pictures in this post. I just liked them and there they went! 🙂

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