What is important for you?

Hello there world creator,

A brief talk between you and me.

Today, I want to talk to you about what is important to you.

In our common every day life, we get side tracked from the real things. Yes, we move around and about from one side to another, doing what we have to do in order to get things do. We sure hope that you are also doing things that you want to do at some point of your life.

It seems like we grow up to do things in a specific order, like some mindless machine that does one thing after another. It´s time to stop, it´s time to step out of that routine like life and see what is important for you.

You are the number one person in your life. You need to know that your things are also important and you need to make time for them.

Now, darling, sit with me here. Right here, there we go. When I say important – what is the first thing that comes into your mind?

Is it in your life, something you been ignoring or is it something you want to achieve?

Whatever it is, it is something that brought a smile to your face. When you step out of the picture and see yourself through a bigger lens, do you see that you are doing things that are important for you? How about this, do you realize the actual important things?

Like a talk with a dear friend or family member, like spending time doing something for you, like laughing every day, like telling that person you love them, like being able to pick up the phone to talk to that person, like turning on your computer and knowing that can research everything, like looking at yourself in the mirror and knowing that you are alive today and making it better…

Yes, we all talk about fashion, style, technology and all that glory. That´s cool too. What is more important is the small things in life. Things that we forget to see with our busy lives.

I wanted to remind you.

What is important for you?

What can you do to maintain those important things in your life?

How can you turn your goals into important things?

Tell me your thoughts, awesome babe!

I will keep throwing positive things your way.

The Always Believer


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