Stuck in a rut?

Stuck in a rut there?

Need a picker upper? Come on, sweetie, put on those dancing shoes or just those sneakers, let´s hit the beat and follow along!

Cure number one: take up a new hobby

Anything, from scuba diving to tennis, to writing to learning a new skill. Anything works actually. Imagine every day coming home from work and turning on the tv, ha, who are we kidding, the computer and checking out the latest news and then just hopping into bed without any other social interaction? Boring and yes, that routine will get to you at some point.

Go out and check the scene. Look online or your local youth center for activities to do. It´s a bit scary to meet new people and to you know, socialize… after being caged in for such a long time. You never who you would meet and find out? It´s all on your court. And hey, once you taken the first step, you have people who will encourage you to keep going!

Cure number two: FOLLOW YOUR PASSION!

We´ve talked about this in the past honey, follow that passion. That thing that has you hooked for hours, that activity that you are so concentrated that everything else becomes secondary… THAT! Right there! That is what you need to be doing! It is all about things you enjoy doing in life, it could be walking the dog, it could be training, it could be gardening,  it could be painting or just playing some Xbox games, if that what makes your world happier, follow it. Something can come from that, either financial or not, it is all beneficial. Why? Simply because are dedicating time for you and your passion, something that excites you. And for last, follow it and if it looses its charm, find another thing that excites you and so on.

Cure number three: Figure what you DO want.

Stick to the positive side of things. You can also do a list of what you don´t want and cross them out but mainly remember that positive words bring positive vibes. Whether because when you write and read ¨I WANT this¨ it makes you smile or just because that´s the way life works. Attract what you want. Attract all the cool things that are in your mind. Why leave them just in your mind? Come on, write them out, tell your friends, search for them online, do a vision board, post it on the fridge… anything! As soon as you figure out that list of things, vocalize it in some way. Let people know, your friends are your supporters and will cheer you on.

Take your time with this one, however, start with anything. The first step is knowing and from then on it´s easy to get there.

Cure number four:  Create your own party!

Yes, that´s possible. Create it! So, there you are wanting to be one more of an event or just wanting to be invited for the next social gathering… Make it happen on your own. The first thing people love to see is confidence. Make it like you have everything going on too. For example, when you talk to one of your co-workers, tell them that ¨a few of us are going out to catch a drink¨ and then go up to another a few others and say the same. It´s pretty easy when you think about it. Another way you can go for it is to simple create a party, a get-together,a night out, a game night or just as simple as catching some drinks. Get people together from all your social groups and that´s it. It´s easier when you have people around you that already bring the confident side in you, all you have to do is the rest.

Cure number five: Take that leap!

Come on, a risk, take it. Move away, ask that person out, quit that job, go to that audition, publish that book, go to therapy, travel, anything you can think of, anything you have been wanting to do or just anything that pops along the way, take it! We are meant to take risks, no matter the age. Life with fear is a shell, life with courage is everything. It´s that eye opener and that way to let yourself shine. And remember, if you fall down, pick yourself back up, pat yourself on your back and at least you tried. Whether you try again or not, you still have a cool story to tell. (instead of ¨hey,when I was your age,all I did was binge watch tv shows and sleep)

Cure number six: Be that person you want to meet. 

This is one of my favorite sayings!  You know, that one that you want to meet? From confident, to genuine, to happy, to anything you want to meet…. Yup, be that person. As soon as you start having those qualities and seeing yourself as that person, not only you love yourself more but you attract more people the same way. It is all a matter of logic and attraction. 

At the end of the day, even if you don´t know what you want in life, you still know what type of person you want around you. Be and stay positive.

Cure number seven: One day at a time.

Set your goals with at most six months at a time. Live life one page at a time. Why worry about five years from now or even a year from now? How much as your life changed the past year? Really think about it. Or even so, how much do you think it can change? The point is live life every day. Plan from here to six months. That way you get  to see your goals actually come true boosting your self-confidence and giving you more energy to keep going. Come on, I dare you! Think of one thing that you want to do, set the first step, the first goal in less than six months. The rest will come, time will pass by, so try living life each day.

Cure number eight:  Let it go

All that negative energy is getting in your way of what you really need to start seeing. Honey, the past is long gone by now. Learn to forgive and let go, learn to set them free. Why would you cry over something that affected your life yesterday when today is a brand new day? We all learn with every relationship in our lives. They either come for a lesson or a blessing. Either way, learn that the best thing is to let go. Because before you know it, it would have been a year or more stuck in the same spot. Come honey, there´s plenty of life to live and adventures to go on! Life will run its course as long as you are sticking to know what you want and making it happen.

Cure number nine: Talk it out. 

Be true to yourself. Those parts that you know and love, take them out more often. The rest, whatever it is you want to change, be honest to yourself. Know how and where to seek for help if you ever need it. Either from professionals or real friends, know that there are many people around this world wanting to help others. Going back to talking it out loud when it comes to finding your true passion, this is the same. Why gobble things inside your soul making it heavy and hard to walk? You are a human being with all sorts of emotions, thoughts and feelings. Let your heart talk, get that cry out and talk to someone.

After all, whatever it is that is going through your head, it could have turned out to be all in your head and not worth all the time or effort, or maybe its an idea of yourself that you need to get rid off! In any case, it´s useful!

Cure ten: Grow all by yourself.

Friends come in handy and yes people come ago, what always stays with you is YOU. Do things by yourself, observe others, go for that walk, paint that picture, play your music. Take some time out during the week to listen and be calm with yourself. Honey, you know you more than anyone else. When you think of yourself, when you think of your happiness, you shine. All these things that you discover about you makes you shine. So, get to it and shine on. Because once you start doing that, you allow your world shine with you.

Dear World Creator,

All these things are meant for you, for you to have a better life around you, for you to always be happy and do what you love to do. Open that window, open that door, do something today that is different and new. Courage is taking the first step, the rest come natural.

Thanks for stopping by. Remember, like what you see? Spread it, share it, I´m on twitter, facebook, instagram and glipho! Turn those buttons into followers and let more positive vibes in your life! 🙂

Tons of love,

The Always Believer


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